At the Bonanova Clinic we have the latest technological advances, both in diagnostic tests and in surgical or therapeutic procedures, and we incorporate any novelty that may benefit the patient.

This allows us to offer state-of-the-art treatments with exceptional results in all subspecialties.

Anterior segment of the eye

The anterior segment of the eye, that is, the part that goes from the most superficial layer to the back of the lens, can be the epicenter of various alterations of the eye and vision. To treat these changes, at the Bonanova Clinic we have:

Phacoemulsifier (Centurion® and Stellaris®): devices for operating cataracts, all of them equipped with the possibility of performing microincision, anterior vitrectomy and diathermy.

ZEISS® Lumera 700 Microscopes: four with cataract surgery assistant (Cataract Suite Markerless*) and one with built-in OCT**. All of them with a second binocular for assistant and integrated video equipment with high-resolution recorder.

Iris Medical® 800 solid laser (diode) with probes for glaucoma and retina surgery.

Crosslinking light: ultraviolet light to strengthen the cornea in cases such as keratoconus.

* Cataract Suite Markerless System: set of products that provide assistance to the cataract surgeon and align the incisions and toric axes according to a previous preoperative image.

** OCT: Optical Coherence Tomography

Posterior segment of the eye

The posterior segment of the eye is the part behind the iris and communicates anteriorly with the anterior segment through the pupil. To treat alterations that affect this segment, at the Bonanova Clinic we have:

ZEISS® Rescan Microscope: Lumera 700 microscope with built-in OCT in vivo.

Vitreotomes (Stellaris PC® and Constellation®): devices for performing high-speed posterior vitrectomies of 20, 23, 25 or 27 G. All of them include: Oil injection and extraction system, argon and endoluz laser.

Erbe ® cryocoagulation equipment

Iris Medical® 532 (argon) solid laser with retinal surgery probes.


Oculoplasty is the specialty of ophthalmology that deals with periocular facial structures. Includes a wide variety of surgical procedures. To carry them out, at the Bonanova Clinic we have:

ValleyLab® electrosurgical knife

Solid laser of 800 (diode) of 980 ARC Laser® for endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy with 600μn / 300μn probes

Storz SL-IPM® endoscope camera kit with xenon light source with a 2.7 mm optical fiber.

Dacrio motor with straight and curved handles.

Refractive surgery

Refractive surgery has the main objective of improving optical vision, eliminating refractive errors and thus avoiding the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. For this type of surgery, at the Bonanova Clinic we have:

ALCON Allegretto Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Laser

Hansatome XP® Vertical Cutting Microkeratome

WaveLight® FS200 femtosecond laser

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